Logos, logos, logos 2

So earlier today I posted a few examples of symbols that I think would be good to inspire me for logo ideas, and also posted some sketches of logos I had come up with.

The sketches weren’t great, so I decided to create them in Illustrator. Each logo has three variations, for most of these it’s just different colours from the three colour schemes I’ve come up with but haven’t narrowed down..yet.


First is the heart rate logo. Simple, but looks nice on all three colours. Only thing is, people may think it’s an app to do with your heart or health!


Next is the adrenaline logo. This one is nice, and it’s different. I did some variations here: the first no writing on it, the second and third one do, with the second one having a different stroke style. However.. people may think it’s an app to do with science!


I am certain I will not be using this. It is too simple and doesn’t relate to the app as much as the others.


This one was the exclamation point joined with a curve to make it look like a P. I think this would work if I made the exclamation point more distinguishable – maybe by having that a different colour or separating the curve in the P.


I like this logo. It relates to the app and it’s easy to tell what the app is about.

(I think out of the three colours, I’m leaning more towards the purple!)


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