Logos, logos, logos

Branding is important for an app, and we’re asked to have some sort of branding idea as part of the prototype.

Branding includes the name, the logo, colours, fonts, icons and more. I’ve tried (and failed) thinking of a name for the app – there are so many panic/anxiety apps out there so finding an unique one is tough. For the prototype, I’m not going to worry too much about it. However, having some sort of an idea of a logo, as well as colours and fonts are important at this stage.

I’ve the colours sorted, so I focused on logos. I searched online for different symbols that represent anxiety, breathing, mental health, etc. These are the things I liked:


The semicolon symbol is a very popular one with regards to mental health. It signifies a persons story, and is a way of saying “my story isn’t over just yet”.


I like this one as it signifies breathing deeply – breathing is such an important aspect to help your panic attacks and overall anxiety.


This one has a similar style to the one above – I like the caption “you are real / you are safe”. A lot of times when someone is dealing with a panic attack it feels like it’ll never end and it’s hard to control your thoughts and emotions. This symbol reinforces the idea that it will end and you will be ok.


Adrenaline is a major factor into panic attacks. When experiencing a panic attack, your adrenaline increases dramatically. So, the chemical symbol for adrenaline is a very fitting logo idea for the app – I actually really like this one!


Continuing on from adrenaline, when experiencing a panic attack, your heart is racing. This symbol of your heart rate increasing and decreasing fits into the app too.


I saw this symbol a lot and I really like it, but never knew what it stood for. After some research, the symbol represents overcoming an eating disorder – not related to panic attacks at all, but I thought it was nice.

After seeing these, I went ahead and sketched out my own ideas. (excuse my terrible drawings)



The first one I sketched was the chemical symbol for adrenaline -I really like this one, however I feel some people may not understand the meaning behind it.


When I think of panic – an exclamation point ! usually comes to mind. This sparked two separate, but similar, ideas. First was just a simple exclamation mark in a circle. The second was similar, except I made the exclamation point into a P – for panic.


Just a sketch of a heart rate increasing.


Semi colon – don’t really think it’s relevant enough to be used as a logo for the app though.


The breathe deeply symbol. I like this one but again I don’t think people will see the connection between this and panic attacks.


I then thought of drawing a brain (my pathetic drawing of a brain!) and placing the name of the app inside it – for demonstration purposes, I just used the word panic. After looking at this, I also thought it’d be interesting to try to write the word “panic” to match the outline of the shape of a brain and see if that’d work.

I’ll have to re-draw these in Illustrator for the prototype.


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