So.. I’ve begun doing some wireframes. For wireframes, I usually use Gliffy.. but I’ve decided to try out a new tool (a few, actually). First I tried Justinmind and Pencil, but I didn’t really like either of those so I tried Proto, and completed my wireframes with this tool.

I had originally set out to have relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, thinking exercises and games. However, after thinking it through I feel like the game feature doesn’t really fit into the overall app so I decided to leave it out.


Regarding the home screen, I went about two different ways that it can be done:


The home screen of the app can begin with the step-by-step feature that helps stop a panic attack (the main feature of the app). The other features are listed below.

Or, it can start with a How are you feeling? question – where you choose what way you’re feeling, and exercises for each different category are given to you, based on the mood you’ve chosen. And if you are feeling panicky, the panic! feature will be listed at the bottom of the screen beside the others.

At this moment, I’m not really sure which way to go.. I’ll have to think about it and decide before the presentation.


If the panic feature is selected, the user will be asked to rate their anxiety at the beginning, then given a list of steps – these will help distract the user from their panic and regulate their breathing. After these are completed, they will be asked to rate their panic once more. If it is a 5 or higher, the steps will begin again. Regarding this feature, I feel if a user is using this on a regular basis, the effect of these questions may reduce over time, so it may be a good idea to have a bunch of different questions and randomise them over time.


The breathing screen will have a list of different breathing exercises. The length of time they take and a description and name will be listed for each of them, so the user can choose the one they want based on their needs/mood. Each of the exercise features (thinking, breathing and relaxation) follow the same sort of layout as this one.



The relaxation exercises will be listed according to different categories: simple exercises to help you just relax, unwind, etc., exercises to reduce your anxiety, and exercises to reduce your stress.



The thinking exercises will also be listed according to different categories – the main purpose of the thinking exercises is to help provide a positive mindset and also is a way of distracting yourself from your own thoughts. The category includes simple, basic exercises, positive exercises to that can improve your mood/mindset, and deep exercises which will delve deeper into the mind.


Note that at this stage that fonts, design, colours, etc are not applied to a wireframe as it is just a rough idea of the structure of the app and what will be included in it.


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