7 Essential Positive Thinking Exercises to Help Transform Your Life

Again, I’m looking for different exercises to use as part of my prototype – this time focusing on the thinking exercises feature – more specifically, positive thinking.

I feel that positive thinking is so important – thinking in a positive way will help you become more a more positive, happy person.

Apply The Law of Attraction‘s website had a great post about seven different positive thinking exercises that will help “transform your life.”

The exercises ranged in length, simpleness, and topic – there were ones where you simply just start using more positive words, smile as much as you can, and then there were ones where you make peace with your past and accept it, and a mirror technique where you look at the mirror and tell yourself something you like about yourself.

The one I chose for an example was the Gratitude exercise:

GratitudeBe grateful for your life. Keep an eye out for things to be grateful for – a sunset, a smile from a stranger, a good commute… Before long, those little things will become bigger – a promotion at work, money you needed to pay bills, meeting your soulmate… Keep a gratitude journal where everyday you list all the things you have to be grateful for. When you’re feeling down, read the journal to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

I liked a few of these exercises but I don’t think I would use some of them as they are very simple!


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