Deciding on the Home page

As I have mentioned before, I was finding it tough to decide between the two versions of the home page that I had created.

The first concept I had was: The home screen of the app opens up with the step-by-step feature that helps stop a panic attack (the main feature of the app).


And the second concept I had: app starts with a How are you feeling? question – you choose what way you’re feeling, and exercises for each different category are given to you, based on the mood you’ve chosen, with the Panic feature listed with all the others.

After some thought, I decided to go with the first concept where the panic feature is presented to you first as you open the app. The reasoning behind this is that the panic feature is the main feature of the app, so it should be shown first. Also, from the other apps I’ve researched, they have something similar to “How are you feeling?” so if I do that too, but app won’t be as original.

I’ll bring it up at the presentation & in my prototype doc about choosing between the two – maybe some of the lecturers will give me some feedback about it!


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