Finished App Trailer

As part of my prototype, I wanted to do a short app trailer to showcase the app instead of just showing the other prototype I had created in InVision.

I knew that I had to use After Effects to create the trailer. This was a challenge for me, as I have never used After Effects before. (we’ll be using it next semester though!) I was researching online about app trailers, and I came across an After Effects template that helps you create the promo trailer on Video Hive.

I used this to create the promo video as I had no idea how to create it otherwise, due to my lack of knowledge with regards to After Effects. Their template was about 1 minute long, but I shortened mine down to 40 seconds as some parts of their template wasn’t usable as it showed the app on a landscape device – but my app will be portrait only.

What I had to do to make the template suit the app was to change colours based on the palette I was using, change the text and then change the images on the devices to the screens I had created. It all sounds quite easy and quick, but it was not! The images were too small for the devices on the template so I had to re-do them in Photoshop so they’d be a bit bigger and less pixelated.

It was interesting to use After Effects properly for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing for a good while, but I finally got the hang of it… (I thought it’d take me a couple of hours to do the video but it took about 6!) It was a good learning experience as I’ll have a better idea of how to use it when we’re using it next semester, and I did enjoy using the program, apart from it taking forever to render and slowing down my laptop!

After I had it finished, I brought the exported file into Premiere so I could add music to it. I know I could’ve done this in After Effects but I tried and failed, and I didn’t want to add to the already long rendering time! Plus I am a lot more comfortable with Premiere so it was pretty easy. It took some time to find a piece of music that would be suitable – with all these types of trailers you can use positive, upbeat music but since it’s a serious topic I didn’t want it to be all happy. So I had to search for slow music that wasn’t too upbeat, or too sad.

Watch the trailer below:



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