Phase 1 Prototype Presentation

Last Thursday and Friday, we had our presentations to show our prototypes. It was a stressful yet enjoyable two days, and it was really nice to see everyone’s projects and how far they have progressed.

With regards to my own presentation and prototype, I was happy enough with how it went. I felt I had the right amount of work done to show and my presentation showed all the work I had done.

The format the presentation followed was that you present your progress and work for ten minutes, then you get up to 5 minutes of questions from the lecturing team. (the questions are the tough part of the presentation, as you can’t prepare for them!)

A few questions I was asked were about testing with the relevant demographic: I had tested with friends, family etc but didn’t have the chance to test it with students who suffer panic attacks. This is important and I will do this when semester two begins. Other things that were asked was did I consider audio, background music, etc. and also some questions about it’s effectiveness.

The questions were tough but I think I handled them well enough! Other than that I felt my presentation went well.

Now we’ve a week until we’re back to semester two- which we’ve been warned is a very stressful semester. Personally I feel I am at a good space with my project and I don’t have to “catch up”, so I am going to use this week to recharge before the tough months ahead.


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