Testing with Users

One of the things I felt that was lacking with my prototype was testing with the demographic I had specified – students who suffer with panic attacks. Of course, I had tested with friends and family but that doesn’t really help me as the app provides no use for them.

Just before we started back, Treasa from Please Talk (who I had spoken to before) emailed me asking how I was getting on with the project. I explained to her about the prototype and the presentation and what my next steps were. I had also mentioned to her that I really needed to test with the demographic I had chosen to get some feedback.

She told me if I created a poster with the info about the app, and a link for them to test it, she’d send it around to other colleges. I did what she said, as well as create a survey so they can give me feedback.

She sent the email out last week and I haven’t heard much back yet, but hopefully I will hear something soon! I was delighted that Treasa offered to do this for me as the feedback will be extremely beneficial for my project.



Link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DJFTDQ5



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