First Supervisor Meeting

This semester, we have individual supervisors instead of having two, and our meetings are individual. My supervisor for this semester is Daniel.

We started off the meeting just talking about the progress I have completed since the presentation – getting people to test the prototype.

Other things we covered was about the style and design of the app – Daniel said it needs to be improved as some things weren’t readable and the designs could be a lot better. I need to start researching app designs and bring some in next week to show him.

Also, the features of the apps need to be thought about more and finalised. Research on those need to be done to see what other apps have (e.g. pregnancy apps etc) and see how I could apply those to my project. He also mentioned about having interactive elements to my app, which I agree with completely as the app seems too static.

We talked a lot about the style/design of the app and he also mentioned that anything we produce has to be at a very high standard, no matter what it is! Daniel went through the key dates for the FYP and broke down where I should be at different stages.

Regarding the tech side, he asked me how I was going to build the app. I said jQuery, and he said I could go down that route as I am comfortable with it, but I should have a look at Ionic and see what that’s like too.

Next week I need to have had a look at Ionic, research lots of app designs, as well as come up with a project plan that we’ll look at and revise at our next meeting.


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