I was asked to rethink about the features of my app as they don’t seem concrete enough. Daniel mentioned looking at similar apps and seeing what features they have, and if they work.

To begin with this, I have decided to go through some of the apps from my Inspiration Phase that I liked the most – Pacifica and SAM.

Pacifica – Features:

How are you feeling?: Choose your mood and write down your feelings/thoughts

Daily goals/challenges: select a goal for each day, e.g. speak up in a class

Thoughts: Thinking of a situation that provoked a strong thought and keep it in your thought history

Health: set daily habits for sleep, water intake, exercise, eating, etc.

Relax Now: Different exercises that help you relax based on different situations

Groups: chat to different groups of people based on  categories such as depression, anxiety, etc

Communities: join a community based on a different topic, like a gratitude community

Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM) – Features:

Help for Anxiety NOW: three exercises to help lessen panic immediately – calm breathing, a picture game and things to shift your focus away from the panic

How’s my anxiety now?: Rate your feelings of anxiety, worrying thoughts, unpleasant physical sensations and more

Self Help with SAM: lots of different exercises like mental and physical

Things that make me anxious: write down the list of things that bring you anxiety

My anxiety toolkit: ability to add different tools into one place

Anxiety tracker: ability to study the patterns in your anxiety

Social cloud: anonymously talk to others in the community

Out of the two apps, the features that stand out to me are the Relax Now feature in Pacifica, and then Self Help with SAM & Help for Anxiety NOW in SAM.

The Relax Now feature is similar to the Relaxation feature in my app, except instead of just reading them, each exercise is audio based.

The Self Help with SAM features has lots of little “mini features” in it, like simple meditation, picture games, the worry half hour, and more.. all with different times and levels and based on different categories. I like this as it has different things that will suit most people, and they are based on different things like relaxing mentally.

The Help for Anxiety NOW feature is again similar to my Control My Panic feature – it’s for users who need help immediately. First you read something twice and slowly, then you can do a calm breathing exercises, a picture game, and then you’re given ways to shift your focus from your panic (distractions). Like I mentioned, it’s similar to my own feature but is more visual and interactive, therefore will be more effective at helping.

Reviewing these apps again helped see what really works in these apps, and how they can be adapted to make my own app better. I think I should also have a look at other related apps to see what kind of features they have too.



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