Inspiration: Fast Calm

I was trying to look at different apps related to my own project based on the features they contain and any interactive elements that are included in the app.

The first app I looked at was Fast Calm. It’s a very simple app that basically gives you one breathing exercise to do when you need to calm down.

The app is quite old as it’s not compatible with my current version of iOS and I was told it would probably slow my phone down.

It is very basic looking with a basic concept.


What you do is you follow the dot and the instructions – breathe in, hold, breathe out, hold and repeat for as many times as you need. The dot moves around the square and it’s speed is based on the length of breathing time that is chosen.

The andsigns at the bottom left and right hand corners allow you to decrease or increase the length of each step.


Like I had mentioned, it’s a very basic concept. The reason I decided to look at the app was because of the interactive element of the breathing exercise. It is something similar to a GIF that I had looked at previously and something like this could be implemented into my own project.


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