Inspiration: Headspace

Still on the subject of looking at other similar apps, Headspace. Headspace is a popular app that I have heard a lot about. I did download the app a few months back but never actually tried it out.

Headspace is based all around meditation – a key element in helping with panic attacks. You only need 10 minutes a day for each meditation session.


After you do each session, you progress up- you cannot go onto the second session without completing the first, and they are all 10 minutes long.

There are different series of meditation such as sport, relationships, health and more. Some are only available if you subscribe or have the Pro version of the app.



There are also single, once off meditation sessions for sleeping, running, cooking, etc. The one that caught my attention was the SOS one. There are three of these and they are useful when you are overwhelmed and need to be calmed down immediately. Unfortunately, you need to pay to see these so I couldn’t have a look at what they contain.


There is also a Kids section where you can introduce meditation into their lives. I thought this was interesting.


This is how the 10 minute meditation session looks like when you begin it:


I love the simplicity of this app. It looks well, but it isn’t too cluttered or text heavy. I didn’t get to see what all the meditation sessions are designed like, but I am guessing that they all follow a similar design to the one above. The circle with the pause button moves and changes shape as the meditation is going on.

The idea of having different categories and single meditation sessions are interesting too as it means that the app would suit pretty much anyone.

This simple design as well as the audio elements are things I really need to consider with regards to my own app. It seems that almost all of the apps have some sort of audio exercises included in them.




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