To really get a proper idea of what features that should be in my app, I had to have more of an understanding of what really works when someone is trying to deal with panic attacks. I spent the morning researching online about useful ways to help panic and anxiety and listed the ones that I thought could be included in my app. Some of these I have already decided to add into my app, and others were new things I had never thought of.

  • Distractions
  • Stimulating activities – activities that help stimulate the brain and distract you, e.g. exercise
  • Question Checklist – questions about your panic and anxiety
  • Deep Breathing
  • Positive Actions – reminding yourself that everything will be ok and it’s temporary
  • Visualization Relaxation technique – using mental imagery to relax and calm you
  • Simple maths questions
  • Word Games
  • Realistic Thinking – similar to positive actions
  • Coping cards – set of steps/techniques that suit you and help you cope
  • Remind Yourself Statements – similar to positive actions and realistic thinking
  • Emergency Exit – identify exits when you feel like you lose control with your panic that you can use in the future


After looking through these, I decided to cancel out the ones I felt didn’t fit into the app, were too complicated, and then ones that could fit into a feature that’s already in the app. The way I saw my feature list looking was like this:

Main feature: Control Your Panic Attack

Includes: Quick breathing exercise, distraction techniques/questions and realistic thinking

Feature #2: Breathing Exercises

Includes: Simple breathing, deep breathing, counting your breaths (all interactive elements)

Feature #3: Relaxation Techniques

Includes: Simple, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, visualization

Feature #4: Distractions

Includes: Questions, calming music, actions, positive thinking, exposure exercises (exercises that help expose you and help you get used to the symptoms to panic)














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