Inspiration: Calm

The first mindfulness based app I looked at was called Calm.


The first thing that struck me was it’s design – it’s clean and simple and uses a relaxing picture as the background, like my own app. I also liked the font selection and the use of blue and white. Immediately when you open the app, relaxing music starts playing, which is nice. It can be turned off in the settings if you don’t like it.


The main feature is the mediation – the daily meditation is free (for 7 days) and then for other meditation sessions you have to pay for them. The first day of Calm focuses on Concentration.

IMG_8903.PNG IMG_8904.PNG

Another feature is a simple breathing one where you breathe in, hold, and breathe out. You can change the length of the breathing in the settings. There are sound effects that go along with this and the white dots move around, as well as the circle getting smaller and bigger.

IMG_8900.PNG IMG_8901.PNG

The final feature is Sleep Stories – a set of different types of stories you listen to that helps calm you down and sleep.


I like this app.. I just found it hard (along with a lot of apps) to get a proper idea of all the stuff it contains because I have to pay for the additional features, which can be annoying at times! My original intention for researching this app was to see the mindfulness exercises they include, but I couldn’t see them all.. however, the design and aesthetic of the app really caught my eye as it’s definitely something I would aim for my project to look like. I am also seeing a lot of breathing interactivity within apps so I think it’s clear my breathing techniques should follow the same approach also.





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