Inspiration: Mindfulness App

Next up is The Mindfulness App.. pretty self explanatory.

When you first open the app, you’re told to take a deep breath before you’re brought to the home screen. I thought that was a nice addition, something I haven’t seen in any other similar apps!


It’s only feature is different sets of mediation session. There are basic ones, timed sessions, your own personal sessions as well as premium ones.

IMG_8918.PNG IMG_8908.PNG

The basic Get Started meditation sessions are based over 5 days, with a different topic/focus for each day. It begins with Breathing then focuses on Letting Go, Sounds, The Mind and on the fifth day, Appreciation. You can also set a reminder at a certain time every day so you’ll be reminded to meditate. The premium sessions include challenges to keep you motivated, as well as more basic sessions for beginners.


This app has one function and is executed well. The mindfulness techniques are similar to the ones I have researched earlier today. I also like the design of this app – again, simplicity goes a long way..!



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