Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #2

On Friday, I met up with Daniel to speak about how my project has progressed since we last met. I told him about all the things I had researched: various app designs I liked, features in apps I liked & thought were relevant for my project and also different interactivity elements I had looked at.

We had a chat about each of the things I had looked at and how they would work in my own app. We had a look at meditation apps and he gave me a list of ones to look at just to have a bit more research.

What I need for next week is to have my feature list set in stone – which means I have to decide within the next few days what features my app is going to have. As well as having a few different sketches of wireframes/storyboards for the app.

Then next week I can show these to Daniel and we can decide which ones work, then I can reproduce them digitally and start focusing on colours, fonts, logos etc.


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