Inspiration: Anxiety distraction games

Since one of my new features is Distract – a bunch of different ways to help distract the user away from panic – I wanted to find out some of the methods panic attack sufferers use to help distract them. While doing this, I came across a Tumblr post by (view it here)  that listed different types of online games that they found useful when they felt anxious/panicky.

The games they included were:

Silk – an interactive game that generates art.


Neon Flames – a galaxy-like game that produces neon flames


Casanova – a giraffe game where you stretch to kiss other giraffes


Planetarium – a game that lets you explore the sky and its stars


Imagination – a game that creates lots of different coloured lines


Liquid Particles – a game that creates liquid particles when you move your mouse & click


All of these games are simple and easy to play. Some would be a nice addition to my app but I feel they could be too difficult to code and implement into the app. Maybe I could have a look at others that may be a little easier.



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