Font Combinations

Another thing my prototype lacked was legible text and my font choice contributed to that. I didn’t do any research on font combinations and just chose fonts that I liked myself.

So I started researching font combinations and came across a lot of really useful websites. The combination I’m thinking of going with is a Cursive font and a San Serif font – contrast is nice! I want both fonts to be clean and legible at any size.

After having a look around at different font combinations.. I didn’t really see many cursive & serif combinations that I liked, only a few.

I font u


The only problem I have with some of the cursive fonts above is that they may not be legible in the app. I also had a look at some other combinations.



Canva has a nice font combination tool – you select a font from their drop down list & they give you a suitable combination. Surprisingly, however, they didn’t have any cursive fonts.


I really like the font Montserrat so I tried that to see what it would be paired with. It got paired with Droid Serif and they work well together.


I think for my mockups I’m going to try out both a cursive & serif combination as well as serif & san serif. It’s hard to judge what will work with the app without testing them first!





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