Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #3

Last Friday I met up with Daniel to talk about the progress with my project. I felt I had a lot of work to show: I had finally figured out my feature list, looked at lots of apps, distraction games, relaxation techniques, distraction techniques, and I completed wireframe sketches

We talked through my feature list, and then I guided him through my wireframes, explaining each screen and the reasoning for each element that was included.

Daniel gave me some good tips and feedback about a few different things on my wireframes:

  • Rate my anxiety: users who are experiencing panic attacks won’t want to have to swipe all the way to ten to rate their anxiety, instead have all of them displayed upfront with less options (not 10 different ratings)
  • Instead of “Begin” on the button to start the panic attack feature, change the wording so that it’s more inviting
  • With regards to the three different types of breathing animations I had, he said maybe it’d be a good idea to use all three as they are all different and could serve as a distraction
  • Have a set of 40+ distraction questions and don’t have them location based – have them so that they are able to be answered no matter where you are.

Other than that, he was happy with them. My next stage now is to reproduce them digitally, play around with colour schemes and also start thinking of a logo.




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