Supervisor meeting with Daniel #4

Today I met with Daniel again to speak about the project. Personally I felt I didn’t really have a lot to show, but Daniel seemed happy with my progress.

I showed him the wireframes I created in Mockingbot and talked him through each one. He was happy with these and gave me some tips, like adding a home button on some screens, getting rid of the “My Anxiety: 5” on the panic attack feature, as well as adding a new screen after the user finishes the step by step process.

We also spoke about the design and the use of background images. What we decided on was to have the image on the main screen, then for menus etc, it would be faded out so the text is clearer. Another topic we touched on was the name. I still don’t have a name for the app, and it’s something I need to decided ASAP as my design and style could change based on the name. Daniel said to research words associated with panic attacks, the symptoms, the state you’re in after experiencing one, and then get use a thesaurus to get related words.

So for next week I need to fix my wireframes and make them interactive. I need to spend some time thinking of a name – but if I can’t decide on one, I have to go into mocking up the screens in Photoshop.


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