With regards to my relaxation audio, I was unsure whether to just source the exercises online or to record myself speaking through the meditations. I mentioned this to Daniel last week and he showed me a site called Fiverr, where you select a person’s voice, give them the script and then they record it for you for under 5 euro.

I had a proper look into it and white the price is good, for pretty much all of the voice actors, that money will only get you about 100-200 words maximum. Based on relaxation scripts I had looked at, they are at least 250-300 minimum so it could cost me up to 15 euro per exercise to get it recorded. I looked at other sites that do the same thing but they are a lot more expensive (some people charge $200!)

I am not really sure whether to go ahead and do this with Fiverr (the cheapest option) because I planned to have a good few different exercises in that feature, or else just do one and source the rest.


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