Trying out Google Fonts

So in an earlier blog post I had a look at some Google Fonts to help decide which font I want to use for the header. I found about 13 that I felt could work well with my app, and I tested them out on one screen to see how they looked.


Font: Bad Script


Font: Caveat Brush


Font: Clicker Script


Font: Coming Soon


Font: Cookie


Font: Covered by Your Grace


Font: Covered by Your Grace


Font: Euphoria Script


Font: Gloria Hallelujah


Font: Just Me Again Down Here


Font: Montez


Font: Montez


Font: Princess Sofia

Out of them all, my favourites are: Caveat Brush, Clicker Script, Covered By Your Grace, Just Me Again Down Here & Montez.


Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #8

I had my 8th supervisor meeting with Daniel earlier today. I showed him the two audio pieces I recorded. He said they sounded good, I just need to make sure they are all consistent; the volume on one was a little higher than the other so I need to change that.

He also had a look at my design experiments and seemed happy with what I had done. I was told to experiment with using white and changing the header colour and add these new designs to other screens. Other than that, I can move onto the development stage!

We talked a lot about what I should do next, using CSS & JavaScript animations, and we decided not to get the user to create an account and instead their favourites can be stored using local storage. Another thing we talked about was using Ionic instead of jQuery Mobile.

For next week, I need to fix the designs, edit more of the exercises, and also spend some time looking at both Ionic and jQuery Mobile, comparing them and seeing which one I will use to help build my app.

Relax: Simple Relaxation Audio 2

I finished the second Simple Relaxation Exercise audio. I felt my voice was a bit more fuzzy on this recording than the previous one, and maybe I was a little too close to the Zoom Microphone. However it doesn’t sound terrible so I went ahead with it anyway. I plan on using the same music for most of the relaxation exercises.

Relax: Simple Relaxation Audio 1

So I’ve just completed and edited the first audio track. I simply cut out the unnecessary parts, edited out the mistakes and added background music. I tried to keep it quiet due to it being a meditation. I think the quality of my voice could be a little clearer, however I am unsure how to do that in Reaper. I will try to figure that out while I’m editing the rest.

You can listen here:



Assets: Recording Meditations

I spent most of today and yesterday recording audio for my Relax feature. The relax feature has four categories: Simple, Progressive Muscle relaxation, Mindfulness and Visualisation. Before I began to record, I gathered all the scripts for each category. My plan was to have six different exercises for each category. But as always, that didn’t go to plan…

While I was recording, I noticed some scripts weren’t good at all and I also realised that pretty much all of the progressive muscle relaxation scripts were basically the same. I know I probably should’ve checked that before I started to record!! However, some of the scripts I had obtained had other different types of meditations so I just recorded them. Now the Progressive Muscle Relaxation has to be changed to include one PMR exercise along with some other miscellaneous exercises.

To record the audio, I borrowed a Zoom H1 from the college, along with a mini tripod stand and a pop filter.

IMG_9338.JPG IMG_9339.JPGHugh was doing equipment lending at the time and gave me advice on recording. I had to build a fort in my room to block out all the noise and stop my voice from echoing off of the walls and furniture. I got 4 chairs, placed a blanket on the ground, and one on top of all the chairs. I sat on the floor, placed the mic on one of the chairs with a pillow underneath it and recorded. Not the most comfortable situation, but it got the job done.

After I finished recording, I listened back to all of the audio and sorted them based on their category. It was here that I realised I had only 5 exercises for Mindfulness and Simple Relaxation, not six. I’m not really sure whether to just go ahead and stick with 5 or to find 2 more exercises for each and record them.

My next step now is to edit them using Reaper, and use background music as well as sound effects.

More mockup experiments

Following on from my last supervisor session, I have spent some time redesigning some screens of the app, taking the points that Daniel had mentioned to me into consideration. I experimented with different navigation bar styles, different colours, thicker text, different backgrounds and some other minor adjustments.













POSITIVE THOUGHT (not 100% sure on the design):