Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #5

In this meeting, I talked to Daniel about my name selection for the app and showed him my completed mockups. He thought the name was ok but I should still do some more brainstorming, this time focusing on panic and how I can incorporate it and it’s symptoms into a name.

With regards to my mockups, he seemed happy with them but there a few changes that need to be made. Firstly, the icons are too small and too outdated (these weren’t actually the icons I was planning on using anyway.) He also doesn’t like the font selection I had used. He said this week I really need to focus on fonts and to choose a screen and do 4 or 5 variations of the screens with different font selections. He also said the colours and texts need to stand out a lot more from the background – the backgrounds are still too prominent. We looked again at Calm (basically my main source of inspiration) to see how they did this. They blurred out the image as well as adding a dark overlay on top. Daniel said to try this out with my own so the text is clearer.

He seemed happy with the layout and the overall colours, and said I’m definitely heading in the right direction. There are some parts of screens that just have “description” so he told me to fill them out as well as adding icons where there should be icons.

He also mentioned that the app still isn’t complex enough, and that it wouldn’t really take that long to code it. Thinking about it, the app is quite simple, especially when I compare it to how complex some of my classmates projects are. I’ll have to think hard about how to make my app more complex.


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