Making the app more complex

I spent the weekend trying to figure out how to make the app more complex in terms of coding (as a challenge for myself), and the interactivity in the app.

I suppose at the moment, the only “complex” part of the app is the pulses that the breathing circles are going to have  – they will pulse in and out for each second of the breathing exercise. Following on from that idea, I thought of making the circle of the play button (image of screen below) in the relaxation exercises/music clips into the timer for the length of the exercise or music clip. What I mean by that is that as the exercise progresses, the circle will fill up in blue to indicate how much longer is left (just like the time bar in a Youtube video, except in a circle, image below)


example of length bar in Youtube


circle in the screen will continuously fill with blue to indicate how long is left.

Another way to make my app more complex is to allow users to sign up to use the app. When I was thinking about this, I had to think about the perspective of the user – when someone is having a panic attack and wants to use the app and opens it up for the first time, they will not be in the right state to enter information and sign up for the app. Of course, they probably would download the app when they’re not experiencing a panic attack so they can see what it’s like etc, but to be on the safe side, I have decided to let the Panic Attack feature to be free to use without signing up to the app. However, if the user wants to try out the other features – Breathe, Relax, Distract – they need to sign up. Once they’ve signed up, they’ll have a favourites section where they can add their favourite exercises. I feel this will work well with the app.

I have also thought about adding audio elements to different parts of the app – mainly when doing breathing exercises and maybe at the homepage.

I’m going to look at similar apps again and see how their apps are “complex” and maybe that will spark some inspiration in me. I’ll have to also incorporate some of these elements into mockups to properly demonstrate what I mean before my meeting on Friday.


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