Fonts, fonts, and more..fonts

I spent the afternoon looking and testing different font combinations for my app. I selected one screen and just kept trying different things. I searched wide and far online for different font combinations, whether that be serif and san serif, script and serif, and serif and serif.

Long story short: I didn’t really find anything that made me go “yes, this is it!”. I tried a lot of fonts, and a lot of them just didn’t work. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just don’t like serif fonts, and any of them that I tried just didn’t work with the app design at all. And then pairing two san-serif fonts together made it look very.. bland. I’m still set on using Montserrat as I think it’s a really nice, clean font that isn’t too boring. However, it’s getting a font to pair with that that’s my problem. I want to use Montserrat for text headings and paragraphs, and then another font for the app name at the top as well as the tab names.

These are the font combos I’ve felt worked the best out of the ones I tried:


Parisenne & Raleway Light


Sweet Pea & Nexa Bold, Regular


Dancing Script & Sintony


Century Gothic Bold, Regular


Luna Regular & Raleway Bold, Light


KG Eyes Wide Open & Source Sans Pro Bold, Regular


Skinny Marker & Montserrat Bold, Regular



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