Testing out dark overlays

When I spoke with Daniel last week, he said to try to get my backgrounds to be less prominent than the text – the text has to stand out more. We looked at the app Calm and they did this nicely by blurring out the image then placing a dark overlay on top. I already had the image blurred but the text wasn’t as clear as it should be.

So I spent some time playing around on Photoshop, trying to add dark overlays to my backgrounds. However, no matter how much I tried, they wouldn’t work. I kept looking at the Calm app to help figure out if they did it differently, but it seemed the only way they did it was placing a dark layer on top of the image then reducing the opacity. I then had the idea of trying different backgrounds, ones I hadn’t used, and adding the dark layer on top and — it worked! And I really liked the look of it. I tested out different backgrounds with the dark layer on top for the four main screens: Control Your Panic, Breathe, Relax & Distract. I didn’t do it for every single screen just in case I had to change it again.

Control Your Panic screen:


Breathe screen:


Relax screen:


Distract screen:


I do like these screens, however I feel in some of them there may be too much white and lacking in different shades of blue.


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