Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #6

This week we mainly spoke about the presentation that is on Monday – it’s a mid term presentation where we show how much we’ve progressed since the start of semester two.

He had a look at my presentation so far and gave me some tips and what to include:

  • Background
  • Text – Headers – Consider uppercase
  • Text – Avoid to much negative space below – symmetry
  • Put in slides on sketches (2-4 slides – talk as you progress)
  • Wireframes – original to new
  • Early mockups (images)
  • Background images
  • High Fi mockups
  • Demo
  • Whats next (app stores etc)
  • Timeline for rest of semester

With regards to the work I’ve done this week, there are still some changes to be made. The backgrounds are a little too dark so I need to play around with the opacity of the black layer as well as the colour scheme. The button for signing in/up aren’t defined enough as button as they’re styled the same as the text input fields.He also said to consider changing the icon for breathing as it is a bit too medical. I should also fill out the descriptions and place icons in the circles (I was supposed to do this last week but I just didn’t have a chance).

Other than that he seems happy enough and that I’m going in the right direction. Hopefully after my next meeting the mockups will be finalised so I can move onto the next stage.


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