Assets: Distraction Pictures

The next assets I wanted to get were distraction pictures for the CMP feature. Originally, I had one picture of a row of houses and the question posed to the user was “how many houses are there?” and the user had to count in their head how many there were. I want the questions to be relatively easy and I don’t want them to spend too much time focusing on them; it’s just another distraction for them. It’s not about getting the answer right – it’s just about trying to stop them thinking about their panic.

When I started looking for more pictures that were similar to the house one, I didn’t really find many at all. It started going into the idea of optical illusions and I’m not really sure that’s the path I want to go down as they can be quite tricky.

So far, I have six different images – only one will be shown each time the user uses the CMP feature and it will randomize each time. Currently, 6 is too little to have so I will keep looking out for some more.

Tiger Family

Question: How many tigers do you see in this image?


Question: how many clouds do you see?


Question: how many houses do you see?


Question: how many pandas do you see?


Question: how many trees do you see?


Question: where in the world is this photo taken?

*Images were sourced from PixabayPexels and Mighty Optical Illusions


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