Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #7

Today I met with Daniel for the first time since we had our mid term presentation. I spoke to him about what I had been doing since our last meeting (gathering assets) and then we spoke about the feedback from the presentation.

He said the biggest issue that was brought up was the typography and colour against the background. It’s still too difficult to read! So we went through the screens and Daniel gave me suggestions on how to fix them to make them clearer to read. He suggested that I need to choose simpler backgrounds (like just gradients) or else play around with the backgrounds I have and scale them to see if they’d work better that way. Also he said to play around with colour; white is best for typography and maybe for the icons, circles and buttons to try out pastel colours. As well as that, I need to play around with fonts on Google Fonts to see which would work best.

These are just minor tweaks but they need to be done in order for the app to look as good as it can be! I should have these done before our next meeting as well as my assets finished.


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