Assets: Recording Meditations

I spent most of today and yesterday recording audio for my Relax feature. The relax feature has four categories: Simple, Progressive Muscle relaxation, Mindfulness and Visualisation. Before I began to record, I gathered all the scripts for each category. My plan was to have six different exercises for each category. But as always, that didn’t go to plan…

While I was recording, I noticed some scripts weren’t good at all and I also realised that pretty much all of the progressive muscle relaxation scripts were basically the same. I know I probably should’ve checked that before I started to record!! However, some of the scripts I had obtained had other different types of meditations so I just recorded them. Now the Progressive Muscle Relaxation has to be changed to include one PMR exercise along with some other miscellaneous exercises.

To record the audio, I borrowed a Zoom H1 from the college, along with a mini tripod stand and a pop filter.

IMG_9338.JPG IMG_9339.JPGHugh was doing equipment lending at the time and gave me advice on recording. I had to build a fort in my room to block out all the noise and stop my voice from echoing off of the walls and furniture. I got 4 chairs, placed a blanket on the ground, and one on top of all the chairs. I sat on the floor, placed the mic on one of the chairs with a pillow underneath it and recorded. Not the most comfortable situation, but it got the job done.

After I finished recording, I listened back to all of the audio and sorted them based on their category. It was here that I realised I had only 5 exercises for Mindfulness and Simple Relaxation, not six. I’m not really sure whether to just go ahead and stick with 5 or to find 2 more exercises for each and record them.

My next step now is to edit them using Reaper, and use background music as well as sound effects.


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