Creating 4 circles within each other

Once I got the circle with no fill sorted, I then attempted to create 4 circles within each other. It was a messy result – the circles weren’t aligned or the size I wanted; or even within each other.

I researched online ways to achieve this, and came across a Stack Overflow question. However, this one only has 2 circles inside each other. I tried this method, but once I tried adding two more inside to create 4, it wasn’t working at all. I felt my only solution then was to ask my own question on Stack Overflow. Without having to wait too long, I got the answer I needed and got the desired effect. I had to modify the code slightly just so it was exactly the way I wanted it (different sizes of the circles, etc.)

Delighted that I got it sorted. I find Stack Overflow really useful when tackling things like this where I don’t know where to even start!


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