So as it’s Easter break, I have spending most of my days working on my project. The first week we get back (the week of 24th April), we have a demo session with other CDM students and lecturers. For this demo day, we must have a draft version of both our project and project book.

For the Easter break, my goal is to have the book and my project itself as complete as it can be.

For my app, I am currently coding it using HTML, CSS and jQuery. As of today, I am pretty much finished this part of the coding, with just a few tweaks left. The app looks pretty much identical to the mockups I created, which I am happy about.

What I have left is to add interactivity and some other things using JavaScript. This will be the hardest part of the coding as I haven’t used JS as much as HTML and CSS so I am not as comfortable. It will be enjoyable to do though!

As for my project book, I am about 1/4 way through it. I spent some time trying to think of a layout without getting too complicated, as we were told to keep it simple enough. I should have most of it complete for the demo day.

Other things I have to do is to continue editing the audio the Relaxation feature. I haven’t focused on that as much because I wanted to get my app started, but I’ll try to do some more next week.

I am happy with where I’m currently at and I hope to get as much done as possible next week!


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