Noise Reduction Tool in Reaper

While editing the audio for the Relaxation feature, I noticed that there was a “buzzing” background noise – it wasn’t very noticeable with earphones in and the volume low, but the higher the volume was, the easier it was to hear, even with backing music.

I know the best way to stop background noise is when you’re actually recording, and I did try to do that by building a fort to block out all the noise. However, I think there’s always going to be a bit of background noise when you’re recording yourself.

Anyway, I tried to fix this issue through the effect controls on Reaper. I wasn’t 100% sure on how to do this, so I looked up some tutorials. I found this one below to be the best:

Basically, the way to fix background noise is to select a part of the audio that is quiet – this is where the background noise is coming from. If you select the entire clip including the vocal part, it will distort it and make it sound weird. r1.png

After that, you must select the Toggle Repeat button – this will only repeat the area that is selected.


Next, you go into Reaper’s effect controls (FX) for that track and you select ReaFir.


From there, you select the Mode to Subtract, and check the box beside “Automatically build noise profile”.


Once that’s done, you then hit the spacebar and Reaper will repeatedly play the selected part of the track, sample the background noise and then try to remove it as much as possible. Then you can hit spacebar again to stop then you must uncheck the “Automatically build noise profile” box.


Then the background noise will have reduced. I found this effect useful, however I felt it did still distort my voice slightly throughout the entire audio. It doesn’t sound as clear as it did before the effect was added, however the background noise has pretty much disappeared.


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