Reducing audio file size

When I was testing my app on a phone, I packaged it through PhoneGap. I noticed that PhoneGap only allows a maximum file of 50mb, and my app files were huge due to the amount of audio files I had, some being 100mb alone.

I knew I had to reduce the file size of all the audio files so my app would be under 50mb. To do this, I went into Reaper & changed the format of the audio from WAV to MP3. They were still quite big then, so I had to lower the bitrate so each audio file would be around 4/5mb each.


I was afraid of reducing the bitrate because I knew that it would reduce the quality. However I knew that having all the files in the app and being under 50mb in total was more important, and I listened back to the files and there isn’t a obvious difference in quality anyway!


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