Positive Thoughts Images

For the Positive Thought section of Control my Panic, I originally had a quote written using header and paragraph tags in HTML. It was the screen I was least happy with; and I wasn’t sure what way I wanted it to look.


I looked online for different quotes and positive thoughts to see how they were designed. They all look really nice and a lot better than what the above screen looked like. They were designed using Photoshop or Illustrator  – so I knew I couldn’t rely on HTML and CSS for this – I needed to design the individual quotes myself.

I tried doing one in Photoshop and it took me almost an hour. And I didn’t even like the end result!! I didn’t have the time to individually design every single one from scratch, so I used Canva. I love Canva and it made it a lot easier for me to design these and I like how they all look!

anxietyanxiety-2bullycontrolenergyfaithhidelet golifepositivepositive-thoughtsspoonthoughtsToo much thinkingwinworry


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