Removing the menu

The menu on my app contained four links: My Favourites, Settings, Support and Sign Out. However after time, each of these four links were of no use because they had been removed from the app.

My Favourites was removed as it proved too difficult for me to figure out. I researched a lot and I simply just didn’t know how to execute it the way I wanted. After speaking with Daniel, he said to remove it if it’s going to be too hard. It’s not a huge part of the app anyway and really, there isn’t much use for it because there aren’t a huge amount of exercises in the app anyway.

The settings page was removed because frankly I did not need to have it. The only thing  I felt I could include was an option to turn the audio off, as I was planning to have audio playing in the background of some of the screens, but I decided against it.

The user isn’t able to create an account so the Sign Out link was pointless also.

All that was left was the Support, but I wasn’t going to create a menu just for that one thing. So I added the support under the More Exercises section.

I removed the menu, and instead I placed an info button on the index page:


Selecting this button brings you to an information page, explaining Unwind and linking to the Support page:


For all the other pages apart from Index, I replaced the menu with a jQuery back button, making the navigation a bit easier for the user.



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