Plans for Semester 2

My plans for Semester 2 are as follows:

  • Take all the feedback that will be given on board and make any changes that need to made and apply them to the project.
  • Finalise the wireframes and mockups
  • Finalise the logo
  • Brainstorm for app names
  • Settle on the types of exercises included in the app
  • Begin developing the app

Sticky notes

Daniel has advised us time & time again to use post it notes to jot down your ideas, topics, thoughts etc as they can help you think of new ideas or ways of doing things.

So today I decided to dedicate a space on my wall for my FYP where I could stick up notes about my topic, ideas, or anything else related to it. Once I come up with a new idea, I can pop it up on the wall.

For now, I just have notes with the areas of mental health I’d like to cover, the medium and the audience. I’ll be adding to it as my project progresses.

Here is my wall so far (not too much yet but there will be lots as the project goes on!)


What’s Next

Now that the Discovery phase is complete, we begin in the Research and Inspiration phase.

The first part of this phase is a research document. We have to research and review  20 different projects that are related to either the theme we chose or the treatment we chose. Each review should be 300-500 words each.

We haven’t received an official brief for the document just yet but I’m sure we will before next week.

I’m going to spend most of my midterm doing some research on Mental Health projects and apps as well as catching up on assignments.

Grad Ireland Fair 2016

On Wednesday, I went along to the Grad Fair in the RDS. I was excited to go and see what kind of career opportunities there were available for me after I graduate in various businesses.

Overall, I was quite disappointed as I realised that with the companies that attended the fair, the majority of them didn’t have any opportunities for the course we did. The only relevant aspect of the course that kept coming up was mostly marketing. I chose the digital marketing module last year and I really enjoyed it. However, I don’t think I would like to just do marketing when I graduate. The main area I am focused on is graphic & web design. Also, we’ve only done digital marketing and most of the companies are looking for all aspects of marketing. Some companies (e.g. Amazon) don’t have a marketing division in Ireland, so I’d need to relocate to London or somewhere in Europe.

I did have an enjoyable day but I was kind of let down by the lack of opportunities for CDM students. Maybe next year they will have more!

First day back and I’m scared already.

Monday was our last “first day” back of college. It’s crazy to believe I am in fourth year – the years have just flown by. As per usual, we were given a lecture about what to expect this year. Our final year project is a major part of the year, and from the past projects we were shown, the standard is quite high.

Now it’s time to begin scrambling my mind for ideas. I’m definitely set on going down the graphic/web route, but it’s finding a really good idea that I think will be the most difficult.

Although it’s only the first week, I really need to get my head stuck in as I don’t want to be behind in my work.. It’s final year so I have to work hard. Safe to say, I’m a little frightened but excited to see what this year brings!