Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #10

Today I had my last meeting with Daniel before the project presentations next Thursday and Friday.

I showed him what my app looked like so far on a tablet. I was supposed to bring a phone as well but I forgot! I wanted the app to be landscape on a tablet and portrait on a mobile – I wasn’t sure if it could be done – Daniel said it can be, but he thinks the app would look better portrait than landscape on the tablet.

I talked to him about using local storage for storing the user’s favourites. I had spent a good amount of time over the past few days trying to wrap my head around using it and how it would work in my app. I really had no idea how to do it. I told Daniel this and he just suggested to remove it if it was too difficult to do; it wasn’t a hugely important part of the app so it would be fine without it.

We also spoke about the file size limit (50mb) that Phonegap has on their cloud site. He told me that if I use the Phonegap / Cordova desktop application, there isn’t a limit. However using this is a little harder than the Phonegap Build site so I will need to spend some time looking at how to package the app that way.

What I need to do is just randomize the questions, as well as tidying up and tweaking the app and how it looks. I have two more audio meditations to edit, and I still have some parts of my project book to finish.


Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #9

Yesterday I met with Daniel for the first time in 3 weeks.

We talked about the audio recordings I did, and he had a look through my app and my project book.

Overall, he seemed happy with how the app looked. He said it looks a lot better than the last time we met! He had a few comments about things that needed to be fixed, like scrolling, alignment and some problems I have been having with code.

He liked the project book too and just gave me tips in terms of layouts and images. We talked about the website – he said to buy the cheapest domain and create a one page website promoting the website.

So my next steps are to create the website, finish the audio, tidy up the app and finish the project book.

Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #7

Today I met with Daniel for the first time since we had our mid term presentation. I spoke to him about what I had been doing since our last meeting (gathering assets) and then we spoke about the feedback from the presentation.

He said the biggest issue that was brought up was the typography and colour against the background. It’s still too difficult to read! So we went through the screens and Daniel gave me suggestions on how to fix them to make them clearer to read. He suggested that I need to choose simpler backgrounds (like just gradients) or else play around with the backgrounds I have and scale them to see if they’d work better that way. Also he said to play around with colour; white is best for typography and maybe for the icons, circles and buttons to try out pastel colours. As well as that, I need to play around with fonts on Google Fonts to see which would work best.

These are just minor tweaks but they need to be done in order for the app to look as good as it can be! I should have these done before our next meeting as well as my assets finished.

Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #6

This week we mainly spoke about the presentation that is on Monday – it’s a mid term presentation where we show how much we’ve progressed since the start of semester two.

He had a look at my presentation so far and gave me some tips and what to include:

  • Background
  • Text – Headers – Consider uppercase
  • Text – Avoid to much negative space below – symmetry
  • Put in slides on sketches (2-4 slides – talk as you progress)
  • Wireframes – original to new
  • Early mockups (images)
  • Background images
  • High Fi mockups
  • Demo
  • Whats next (app stores etc)
  • Timeline for rest of semester

With regards to the work I’ve done this week, there are still some changes to be made. The backgrounds are a little too dark so I need to play around with the opacity of the black layer as well as the colour scheme. The button for signing in/up aren’t defined enough as button as they’re styled the same as the text input fields.He also said to consider changing the icon for breathing as it is a bit too medical. I should also fill out the descriptions and place icons in the circles (I was supposed to do this last week but I just didn’t have a chance).

Other than that he seems happy enough and that I’m going in the right direction. Hopefully after my next meeting the mockups will be finalised so I can move onto the next stage.

Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #5

In this meeting, I talked to Daniel about my name selection for the app and showed him my completed mockups. He thought the name was ok but I should still do some more brainstorming, this time focusing on panic and how I can incorporate it and it’s symptoms into a name.

With regards to my mockups, he seemed happy with them but there a few changes that need to be made. Firstly, the icons are too small and too outdated (these weren’t actually the icons I was planning on using anyway.) He also doesn’t like the font selection I had used. He said this week I really need to focus on fonts and to choose a screen and do 4 or 5 variations of the screens with different font selections. He also said the colours and texts need to stand out a lot more from the background – the backgrounds are still too prominent. We looked again at Calm (basically my main source of inspiration) to see how they did this. They blurred out the image as well as adding a dark overlay on top. Daniel said to try this out with my own so the text is clearer.

He seemed happy with the layout and the overall colours, and said I’m definitely heading in the right direction. There are some parts of screens that just have “description” so he told me to fill them out as well as adding icons where there should be icons.

He also mentioned that the app still isn’t complex enough, and that it wouldn’t really take that long to code it. Thinking about it, the app is quite simple, especially when I compare it to how complex some of my classmates projects are. I’ll have to think hard about how to make my app more complex.

Supervisor meeting with Daniel #4

Today I met with Daniel again to speak about the project. Personally I felt I didn’t really have a lot to show, but Daniel seemed happy with my progress.

I showed him the wireframes I created in Mockingbot and talked him through each one. He was happy with these and gave me some tips, like adding a home button on some screens, getting rid of the “My Anxiety: 5” on the panic attack feature, as well as adding a new screen after the user finishes the step by step process.

We also spoke about the design and the use of background images. What we decided on was to have the image on the main screen, then for menus etc, it would be faded out so the text is clearer. Another topic we touched on was the name. I still don’t have a name for the app, and it’s something I need to decided ASAP as my design and style could change based on the name. Daniel said to research words associated with panic attacks, the symptoms, the state you’re in after experiencing one, and then get use a thesaurus to get related words.

So for next week I need to fix my wireframes and make them interactive. I need to spend some time thinking of a name – but if I can’t decide on one, I have to go into mocking up the screens in Photoshop.

Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #3

Last Friday I met up with Daniel to talk about the progress with my project. I felt I had a lot of work to show: I had finally figured out my feature list, looked at lots of apps, distraction games, relaxation techniques, distraction techniques, and I completed wireframe sketches

We talked through my feature list, and then I guided him through my wireframes, explaining each screen and the reasoning for each element that was included.

Daniel gave me some good tips and feedback about a few different things on my wireframes:

  • Rate my anxiety: users who are experiencing panic attacks won’t want to have to swipe all the way to ten to rate their anxiety, instead have all of them displayed upfront with less options (not 10 different ratings)
  • Instead of “Begin” on the button to start the panic attack feature, change the wording so that it’s more inviting
  • With regards to the three different types of breathing animations I had, he said maybe it’d be a good idea to use all three as they are all different and could serve as a distraction
  • Have a set of 40+ distraction questions and don’t have them location based – have them so that they are able to be answered no matter where you are.

Other than that, he was happy with them. My next stage now is to reproduce them digitally, play around with colour schemes and also start thinking of a logo.