Supervisor Meeting with Daniel #10

Today I had my last meeting with Daniel before the project presentations next Thursday and Friday.

I showed him what my app looked like so far on a tablet. I was supposed to bring a phone as well but I forgot! I wanted the app to be landscape on a tablet and portrait on a mobile – I wasn’t sure if it could be done – Daniel said it can be, but he thinks the app would look better portrait than landscape on the tablet.

I talked to him about using local storage for storing the user’s favourites. I had spent a good amount of time over the past few days trying to wrap my head around using it and how it would work in my app. I really had no idea how to do it. I told Daniel this and he just suggested to remove it if it was too difficult to do; it wasn’t a hugely important part of the app so it would be fine without it.

We also spoke about the file size limit (50mb) that Phonegap has on their cloud site. He told me that if I use the Phonegap / Cordova desktop application, there isn’t a limit. However using this is a little harder than the Phonegap Build site so I will need to spend some time looking at how to package the app that way.

What I need to do is just randomize the questions, as well as tidying up and tweaking the app and how it looks. I have two more audio meditations to edit, and I still have some parts of my project book to finish.


Relax: Visualisation #2

The second audio from the Visualisation category. This one is visualising yourself on a beach, and experiencing all the things you would normally experience on a beach. I changed the background music for this – I used a free clip of beach sounds to match what the meditation was about.

Google & Amazon Developer Console

Yesterday I signed up for both Amazon & Google Developer Console. I want to launch my app on both of these services, and I knew I should do this before the app is complete just so I have it sorted.

It was free to sign up for the Amazon Developer Console but I had to pay $25 (€23) for the Google Developer Console.  I didn’t mind at all as I want to launch my app when it’s complete.

Hopefully now when I do submit it, it gets published!

I finally got my domain sorted after a few days of various issues. I spent this morning creating a simple parallax WordPress site for my app.

You can view it here!


I really like the look of it, and the theme I chose (WLOW) was perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. I had to tweak some of the CSS just to make it look the way I wanted. This included heading font sizes and colours, changing the font family, styling the contact form and the buttons.


I am really happy with it and how it looks.